Welcome to The Way

We believe in a powerful spiritfilled church

Power in The Name of Jesus

Life and death is in your tounge

We speak life and healing to you and your family! Our passion is to see people off all nations changed because of this ONE man; Jesus Christ the Son of God!


Our Story

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How to meet us @ Facebook

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We have made some «how-to» classes you can use and a free tool bibleschool where you can strengthen your life

FactJesus said it!

Met Jesus in 2006 and He told me some awesome cool stuff. That’s why I am doing the things I am doing. Inspiring people wherever I go and starting churches whenever I get the chance!

FRIENDSMinistry relationships and partners

We have powerful, spiritfilled and full of faith absolutely great friends!!! Rhema Bibletraining Center in 2004, Pastor Roberts Liardon. Read more…(link)

FUNWhat we do

We live
We laugh
We share life
We sing
We learn about Jesus
ALL of this and MORE…

Don't speak strife, speak life!

Don't bury Potential

Too many people are afraid to show who they rely are, or they don’t dear to step out into their Godgiven dream. This might be because of fear of failure or that people will laugh at them! It looks like it is easier to “hide” and don’t take a risk!
There is great potential in you! Let us help you to stir up the gift in you and to inspire you to be the best YOU!

Be the Change

If you are not satisfied with the situation or the status que in your life! You be the “game changer!” Be the solution, be the agent of change, be the switch that the Lord can use! Let us team up with Jesus and DO what ever it takes!

The Word
— Every Day —

We bring you the link to our free iBibleschool, click here.

Also you find our webcasting on our Facebook page, klick here.

Our Vision is:


To Include

Come and join us!
Let us bring JESUS here, there and everywhere


To Build

Practical Christianity!
Building you, building the church, building the kingdom of God


To Do Mission

The beautiful assignment! We take the joyful good news to our neighborhood and nations. Let us do it together!

I want to encourage and provoke you! It is time now to do it! We have talked about it long enough; Grab your perfect self and get up! There is work to be done for our Father!